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What we do



When we say At Validity that we are a consulting Company, we don’t regard ourselves as your typical consulting company. The reason for that is our vision to deliver purposeful results that create legacies around the globe through passionate belief(s).  For Validity we define purposeful results as significant, tangible and financial outcomes that have meaningful impact brought about by innovative approaches.  What we aspire to create within  industries including consulting  is a recognizable impact that outgrows the lives of individuals and positively influences consumers, employees, leaders, organizations, industries and society as a whole. This is what drives our people, values, and our way of doing business

Validity works with all types of industries, with all kinds of clients:

  • Multinational Corporations
  • Large Local Conglomerates
  • Midsize Companies
  • Start- Ups
  • Governmental Organizations
  • Nonprofit Organizations


We are accustomed to working with and inspiring Board Members, C-Suite Executives and supporting them cascade their vision across the entire company. We understand that in order for us to be able to make a difference we need to ask the right questions to the right people. We fully believe in fact based approaches that allow a freedom in the framework. Our proven methodologies are all customized to the need of your organization as we do not provide any off the shelf solutions .

We do not just stop with providing you with a solution, but we help in implementation and follow up to assure that your organization has achieved their desired outcome.