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Team Alignment


A silo mentality and structure can stalemate innovation and growth.  Empowered teams accomplish more in less time than individuals can working alone. Teams are a critical method for facing the challenges of globalization, increased competition, and an ever-evolving technology. Every CEO knows that it is important for their senior team to be in alignment on critical business decisions. At the same it is equally important to encourage innovation- to create opportunity for members of the senior team to challenge existing practices and policies and put forward ideas.

Senior Team Alignment   Trust   Effectiveness

Creative Leadership: Managing
Complexity to Achieve Alignment

Creative leaders are more than individuals with vision.



Creating a Great Culture --
Your Company's Foundational DNA

Building your company’s culture and how doing so can provide the support system of trust and respect.


How Successful Virtual Teams

There's a world of difference between merely working together and truly collaborating with one another. Collaborative activity is the "secret sauce"

Every senior team has many challenges to deal with. One of the most important is to determine what their team challenge is and to be committed to putting in the effort to achieve the desired results. Validity helps senior teams build a high level of trust and open communication to achieve alignment, engagement, interaction, and accountability within the Senior Executive team and as a result within their functional teams.


  • Agreement. Each senior team member needs to be in complete agreement on the organizations purpose, core values, and vision
  • Role. Agree on the role of the senior team member as distinct from their functional role.
  • Motivation to be a Team. The team must have a significant reason for existing. Many teams fail to establish a team performance challenge that is meaningful and important to all team members. Without it, there is no motivation for team members to expand the effort to adapt their behavior to be an effective team member
  • Interpersonal Flexibility. Willingness to listen to other senior team members, and if necessary change their minds about the right strategy to take.
  • Trust. The senior team cannot function without a high level of trust between team members. Each member needs to consider the impact of their decisions and actions on the trust level before taking action.

We boost productivity and efficiency by improving individual engagement accountability, and teamwork. Our team building processes enable teams—even virtual and cross-functional teams—to ramp up faster, communicate more effectively, and move to peak performance through a unified purpose identification process.

Research shows that solid cross functional collaboration is one of the three most important capabilities that distinguish high performing organizations.

Validity works with its clients to create an enabling environment for collaboration within and among business units and teams. We assist clients with developing both an organizational structure and a culture that encourages and fosters collaboration. We assist our clients with addressing issues pertaining to trust, competition and fear that can hamper sound collaboration amongst employees.