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Sustainability in Strategy

Validity helps companies build sustainability into the rhythm of its business and incorporating it in the DNA of your company. This goes beyond social investment programs

The sustainability imperative for society is all too clear, and for major companies this presents both a responsibility and an opportunity. The responsibility is to operate ethically, and ensure that products and operations are safe for humans and the environment. But, if integrated into the rhythm of a business, it also presents the opportunity to meet new consumer needs, build top-line business, reduce costs, build employee morale, and deliver greater value to both society in general and shareholders in particular. The key is to build sustainability into the business, rather than present it as an additional activity; to have it owned by the business rather than by a corporate ‘‘CSR group.

Sustainability in Strategy

Unilever’s CEO on making  responsible Business work

Businesses that are responsible and actually make a contribution to society in its positive sense, make it part of their overall business model, will be very successful.


Could Sustainability be Unsustainable?

The use of the word sustainable is unsustainable.” Amusing…and likely correct!




Sustainability Now a Strategy Not Just a Report

It is clear that sustainability has and will continue to rise in importance as mega-trends create pricing pressures on energy and other resources;


Area of Expertise:

Creating a sustainable enterprise involves transforming the entire value chain from the supply of materials to product design, operations, sales, and marketing, and the end-of-life management.  We work to ensure that sustainability is anchored in business fundamentals and demonstrate a clear return on impact investment and that sustainability is firmly embedded within our clients’ purpose, strategy and operations. We help clients uncover opportunities and risks, set priorities and launch coherent implementation programs. Our sustainability strategies collaboratively developed with your company helps increase profits by generating savings, driving growth and reducing risk.

Sustainability is on a priority for many CEO’s, national governments, and nongovernmental organizations. The rule for managing sustainability is that any moves must make strategic sense and  backed up by sound business cases. That is why integrating analysis within the sustainability decision making process, provides your company with a competitive advantage. Many Companies have a clear gap between their leaders’ aspirations with regard to sustainability and the way that sustainability is enabled within their organizations.


No tradeoffs is a key component of a Sustainability strategy; weather it is in value, performance, price, investments. We help your company address the economic, social, and environmental sides of sustainability.  Keeping a broad definition “ensuring a better quality of life for everyone, now and generations to come” keeps sustainability relevant in difficult times and helps ensures no tradeoffs.

Sustainability is part of doing the right thing – a corporate responsibility. But it is also an opportunity to build a business through new products and services that address the world’s sustainability challenges.  Showing that they are all part of a company’s sustainability program helps make the linkages between all the elements in minds of employees, consumers, and stakeholders alike.

Having a clear corporate sustainability strategy is one thing; implementing it across a multinational company is something else. What is essential is to have sustainability owned by the business units, not by the corporate group and to integrate it into a daily rhythm of the business.

To ensure coordination and collaboration we help develop the framework of a sustainable leadership council, containing representatives from business units, the regions, and functions. This high level group helps develop, deliver the Corporate Strategy and goals; and resolves cross