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Social Impact


We serve our communities with a passion, which spreads from each individual’s purpose to the whole company’s purpose. Validity is committed to social change, not only as a side activity or part of a CSR program but fully integrated with our consulting practice. We do it because that is who we are, people that strive for change as part of their purpose in life, and can’t be anything less than making a difference in our society. It is our vision to deliver meaningful results that creates a recognizable impact to the lives of society as a whole.  Validity develops leaders whom have the passion and vision to integrate the social need of their communities with their organization.


Validity is revolutionizing the consulting industry by driving results through integration of the social need and the business need of our clients. Innovating to break the exiting dichotomy of social business and business.


It is deeply rewarding to be able to help our clients achieve their desired results, but along that journey help the communities they operate in. Through transforming the way social, public and private organizations operate separately and jointly, we are transforming what it means to be a leader.