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Organizational Design & Development

Redesigning companies can be burdened with difficulty, and the human implications of a new design are rarely thought through or not seen as a priority. Validity’s approach aligns structures and their related systems with business models and also takes into account the human dynamics and cultural aspects of your company.

Organizational Design and Development

Decision making effectiveness


Dynamic organization


Successful reorganization

If You Think Your Team Makes Decisions, Think Again

Executives tell me their teams make decisions all the time.



Leadership Is a Conversation

Globalization, new technologies, and changes in how companies create value and interact with customers


What To Do Before You Reorganize

Let’s face it: There’s no such thing as a perfect organizational structure.



The theoretical ideal of alignment can be hard to achieve in practice. In many companies strategy lacks focus and outdated structures, inhibit progress, resources are misaligned with strategy and priorities, processes contradict how outputs needs to be achieved, while people and functions often work at cross purposes. Some companies have perused complete alignment to such an extent that they become too rigid to respond to change. Rather than designing for change, they design for stability. Validity helps the client answer the question: what are we trying to achieve with our design, driven by our strategy to be successful in our environment?

Strategy is the framework for all design decisions; we make sure the design focuses management’s attention on the strategic priorities and critical operations of each business unit, product, growth, or cost cutting. Redesign involves changing minds as much as it involves shifting business processes, strategies and tactics. The way to reach those minds, as well as produce the right solution, is structured involvement. Some CEOs inlude too many people, and, more frequently, too few. others. The key to launch an effective reorganization:


  • Identify Strategic Decisions.  Focusing on what your company is excellent at strategically, what they can deliver and what they can improve and If a different strategy or  re-focus  is needed. These decisions are made in the boardroom and C-suite  level, in addition to any other stakeholders. 
  • Determine whether change requires organizational design or development. In many cases, rather than redesigning your company, what is needed is development in group dynamics or information flows
  • Identify the areas where a decision needs to be made to start change. It is important to specify the potential performance improvement areas most strategically relevant to the organization’s current state and strategy , before beginning the design or development process a period adter process
  • Structure the use of the Leadership Team. Identifying the involvement, design power, managing expectations and level of information share with the leadership team.
  • Align strategy, structure and people. Structure the company around your strategy allowing the people to align with strategy through the structure.