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Every organization, even if it is a leader in its industry, has the ability to improve, by ensuring the entire organization system is aligned with the company’s objectives. Validity inspires clients to identify areas where the entire organization is aligned towards a significant, tangible, and financial outcome that has meaningful impact brought about by innovative approaches.


Developing Leaders


Aligning People with Strategy


Organizational Transformation

Developing Leaders   Aligning People with Strategy   Organizational Transformation

Discover Your Leadership Blind Spots 

Too often, leaders demonstrate behavior that sabotages their success and undermines both their team and their organization.


Ten Reasons People Resist Change 

Leadership is about change, but what is a leader to do when faced with ubiquitous resistance?



Transforming Your Organization with the Three-Box Approach: 

The article urged forward-looking CEOs to manage reinvention with a “three-box approach”: manage the present, selectively forget the past and create the future

Validity has an innovatively customized approach to address organizational barriers to purposeful results which is focused on tracking down the root causes of profitability. We help address organizational barriers that provide difficulty in decision making within your company.

Our Expertise: 

Organization Diagnostic- Our analysis determines what critical decisions need to be made and uncovers the root causes behind the difficulties being faced. Compare your organization in relation to the industry to inspire a unique identity that outgrows the lives of individuals and positively influences customers, employees, leaders, organizations, industries and society as a whole.

Leadership Development- Creating leadership bench strength is one of the top three challenges organizations face today. And with good reason, leadership plays a critical role in determining a company’s success or failure. Validity’s leadership solutions allow organizations to cultivate leaders from the inside out that are results-oriented, people-focused, increase employee retention and morale, and deliver bottom-line results.

Organizational Design & Development- Our design is a blue print for strategy to be implemented through organizational structures, processes and systems. Our approach inspires a unified purpose that creates, delivers, and captures value in simple but innovative actions that allow a recognizable impact.

Culture Transformation- Building a human venture that works well is a rare occurrence. Does your company build on intangible solid ground- shared vision, mission, values, strategies- rather than only thinking of the tangible elements that can be seen and understood? Validity differentiates between profits and purpose, finding the blend of inspiration and fact that maximizes both culture and loyalty to your company. Profits must be emphasized, but the purpose of your company must be something other than profit, otherwise the result will simply be greed.

Team Alignment- Empowered teams accomplish more in less time than individuals can working alone. Teams are a critical method for facing the challenges of globalization, increased competition, and ever-evolving technology. A silo mentality and structure can stalemate innovation and growth. We boost productivity and efficiency by improving individual accountability and teamwork. Our team building processes enable teams—even virtual and cross-functional teams—to ramp up faster, communicate more effectively, and move to peak performance through a unified purpose identification process.

High-Performance Ethics- Innovation in the business model can easily devolve into innovation in ethics, truth telling, and accounting. All too often ethics and performance are viewed as unrelated concepts, but ethics draw on the best in leaders, people, teams, and organizations. It is impossible to sustain high performance in a values vacuum. If you don’t have passionate people believing in the values of your company, your message will be diluted and mediocrity will set in.

Our Approach:

The organization is an open system, constantly interacting with the environment, influencing it or being influenced by it, which in turn shapes the internal components. For an organization to stay robust, it must pay attention to external inputs, discover implications of these input factors to the organization and take steps to adjust the output required. Validity helps senior leaders to ensure there is adequate internal development by attending to both the human and organizational needs that support the delivery of your strategy.

Validity has comprehensive intervention methods that help companies move your company towards achieving the change objectives, with a goal of improvement and development. During good and healthy times, it is just as important for your company to undertake interventions to build on its strength in anticipation of future changes. To intervene is to shift and we help you your companies discover the best of the past to create the best of the future, to shift from good to great as well from poor to good. 

We align the elements of people, behaviors, and culture with strategy structure, roles and processes.