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Managing Growth

Sustaining growth is important for survival of a business. But it is a lot more challenging for a company to generate repeatable growth patterns than to initiate growth with a new product, market, or business units. We help companies constantly by reinventing what they have been successful at in their growth stages and pursing synergetic business that strengthen the reason for their existence.

  Managing Growth

The 7 Essentials of High-Growth Companies

This tough economic period is the growth-opportunity window to separate your company from competitors. 


The Secret to Sustained Success

It’s not your imagination: corporate growth is more elusive than ever.



Sustainable Growth, the DuPont Way

Our business growth has been proportional to the amount of raw materials and energy that our plants use—as well as the resulting waste and emissions from our operations.



Growth strategy is only achieved when your company identifies what they do not want to do, and focuses on what they want to do.  We help companies grow in terms of bottom line results, impact, performance, uniqueness, and sustainability.

We have come to find out that a lack of growth usually is due to the lack of focus within a company on their competitive advantage and how to reinvent this advantage with continuity. We manage growth by helping senior management identify how to become better than what initially got them to achieve their previous growth rates.

We help identify the best area that your company needs if they are to be successfully managing a growth strategy. These areas include operational skills, privileged assets, innovation, acquisitions, and special relationships. We help your company answer such questions as “How are you unique?  And “What are you strategic assets?”


Our Approach:

We help companies identify how to be unique and support them as they design and execute strategies to capture growth opportunities. Weather your company believes they need to reinvent their uniqueness or the mature markets they are selling into are not achieving the desired growth rates, we help find successful platforms to achieve your growth initiative.

Achieving sustained growth is complex and many companies do not succeed in their attempts. Too often companies lack a solid foundation for uniqueness and over extend their business into areas that weakens their foundation. 

Growth Strategy

Emerging Markets

An area where growth is available yet carries a lot of challenges. - Hosting the maximum amount of growth, emerging markets in Middle East, Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe; yet contain the maximum amount of volatility. Companies are eager to benefit from that growth. Validity inspires those companies on achieving purposeful results that make a difference in these treacherous markets. We help with our detailed understanding of local markets to help clients worldwide make choices about expanding abroad, understand and operate successfully in new markets and expand their business networks. We help you think globally yet operate locally to provide a competitive edge. In order to do that we help develop dedicated emerging market leadership.