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Innovation in Strategy


As long as there is stability in the core value proposition, there can, and should be enormous innovation in how it is delivered. Now more than ever, innovation is the key to growth, to acquiring and sustaining competitive advantage, and to building shareholder value for the long term. We help your company; identify and scale innovation that will reinforce your strategy.


Innovation in Strategy

Help Us Innovate the Innovation Process

innovation is more important than ever. Innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance.




Cultivating business-Led innovation 

Cultivating business-led innovation explores how senior executives can promote a culture of innovation by empowering different business units.



Don't Innovate. Create a Culture of Innovation

While many organizations focus on addressing problems, the most successful focus on raising the bar. One of the ways they do this is by creating a culture where innovation thrives.


Area of Expertise:

With any new technology or management innovation, some uses are going to be best practices that everyone will have to adopt. Other uses will have strategic significance, and you must asses these carefully. Developing a powerful innovation capability is not in correlation with the amount of money a company spends on research and development. Instead, success depends on various factors, including your company’s “open to new ideas” culture; innovation across products, services, processes and business models; ability to determine where to invest, how to manage, and when to scale up innovation. We understand that to live a culture of innovation, accompany must first properly define and focus how innovation will reinforce the core value proposition.

To that end our innovation strategy, helps your organization live a culture of innovation through creating a strategic and sustainable long term approach to constant renewal. Surprisingly we come to know that a lot of companies that innovate do not innovate based on continuity.


Our Approach:

Strategic Innovation takes the road less traveled- it challenges an organization to look beyond its established business boundaries and mental models and to participate in open-minded, creative exploration of the realm of possibilities.

Strategic innovation is a holistic, systemic approach focused on generating beyond- incremental, breakthrough or discontinues innovation. Innovation becomes “strategic” when it is intentional, repeatable process that creates a significant difference in the value delivered to consumers, customers, partners, and your company. Many companies rely on serendipitous acts of creativity to foster innovation; others take an ad hoc unstructured approach; which often results in only incremental improvements with poor implementation than can lack sponsorship. We help them to move beyond an ad hoc approach to innovation and begin to develop and institutionalize a cultural mindset and a set of process that support repeatable , sustainable innovation.

Strategic Innovation

Strategic Innovation requires balancing intuitive and analytical thinking, focusing on short term opportunities that leverage “low hanging fruits” is paired with the search for mid- and long term breakthrough grow strategies.

Your company cannot count on building a legacy in their industry based on the belief what has worked in the past will continue to work in rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain word. Your company will need to intentionally and deliberately foster innovation-biased culture and put in place innovation processes, supporting technologies, and methodologies. This commitment to learning will result in transformation throughout the organization, both in theory and in dad-to-day practice. As the future belongs to companies that passionately live a culture of innovation through the actions of its change agents and leaders.

May companies want to become more innovative but don’t know where to start. The starting point is to conduct an innovation assessment. An innovation diagnostic provides a baseline that describes existing innovation competencies and readiness in three areas cultural, processes and structural.